Follow your happiness, Sag! This solar eclipse in your sign rekindles your desire to live and your passion for personal growth. If the old ways of introducing yourself and expressing yourself no longer seem authentic to you, it’s time to let them go. Living your truth inspires others to do the same.


“Sacred space” does not always mean a particular place. For you Capricorn, it’s more of an inner state of mind, something you can take with you, wherever your spiritual journey takes you. And in this eclipse, it could take you to a new place. Let divine intuition and inspiration be your guides.

Believe it or not, Aquarius, better days ahead. But to see the possibilities, you have to be willing to let go of old ideas about what the future “should” look like. This eclipse invites you to give up your expectations and perhaps imagine something that exceeds them.

Keep your eyes on the prize, Pisces! In this eclipse, you can take great strides towards the fulfillment of your higher purpose. Whether the vocation is personal or professional, you will need to get rid of some old beliefs about who you are and what you are capable of in order to follow it faithfully.

Ready to move on, Aries? After a year like this, it’s completely understandable. However, don’t be in such a hurry to leave 2020 behind that you forget everything it taught you. This eclipse reminds you that you must seek knowledge and wisdom through all of your life experiences.

Free to be you and me! Taurus, this eclipse sees you letting go of your inhibitions and welcoming others to do the same. You have the audacity to aspire to greater intimacy, with meaningful connections on all levels: physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. Just make sure others share your noble intentions.

The best relationships, Gemini, bring out the best in us. That is why, in this eclipse, you are just trying to connect with people who uplift you, inspire you and energize you, and who give you plenty of room to learn and grow. If friends or colleagues don’t, it’s time to say goodbye.

Find your “why,” Cancer: This eclipse can make even the most mundane tasks on your to-do list more meaningful, as long as they serve a higher purpose. Being aware of what you are doing and what or for whom you are doing it infuses your daily routine with new energy and enthusiasm.

What enlightens you, Leo? In this eclipse, it’s a question worth asking … and the search for answers takes you far. If you’ve lost your enthusiasm for old interests, it’s time to seek inspiration elsewhere. Pursue whatever your curiosity is, you may discover a new passion!

Keep the house fire burning, Virgo – This eclipse is a time to rekindle the bonds with family, history and traditions you share. At least, the ones that continue to resonate with you now. Allow yourself to free yourself from some old associations and infuse your memories with new meaning.

Your goal is true, Libra. But in trying to turn things around positively, you sometimes end up missing the point. In this eclipse, it is time to start counting things as they are. The more honest and direct you are, the greater the potential for learning and growth.

Count your blessings, Scorpio; In this eclipse, there may be more of them than you think. While it’s not always easy to practice an “attitude of gratitude,” the rewards it brings are worth the effort. Making a donation or volunteering for a worthy cause can help ignite the spark.

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